May 22, 2005

20" Displays

So both Dell and Apple both use the same LCD panel for their 20" monitors. Dell's monitor costs less than 1/2 and includes 2 extra yr warranty over the Apple Cinema Display. The Apple does use a different backlight and sexy aluminum frame but "Dude, I'm getting a Dell".

link to Engadget article

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January 23, 2005

New Year, New Blog

I'm trying out Typepad. If you'd like to try out TypePad for 90 days (instead of the standard 30 day trial) signup using code 'movable'.

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December 16, 2004


I'm a bit bummed regarding the handheld version of 20Q.  While I was in CompUSA the damn thing guessed 'porcelain tile' correctly. Impressed I payed the $15 since it'd make a neat stocking stuffer.  Well, a friend stumped it tonight with 'iron' and 'watch'. >:(

though it says it'll guess what your'e thinking in 20 questions it really takes liberties with the first question since you need to specify whether it's an animal, vegetable, mineral, other or unkown.

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